Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not your choice!

I'm sorry for not posting these days because I'm kind of busy.
Anyway, a friend went to Johnny Rockets to have a breakfast, he noticed the menu's funny translating mistake (بيص, مقتي, مو اختيارك) lol !


  1. لووووول

    اي بعد شنو مو اختيارك اهما بيختارون لك على ذوقهم هههههههه

    وماتدري يمكن بيص مقتي شي يديد ولذيذ :p

    شكرا :)

  2. looool .. wait shno hathea 7a6een bacon mn 9ijhom ;p !!!

  3. لووووووووول والله لما شفت الصورة و لا طرا ببالي جوني روكتز شنو هذا ليش المنيو مبهدل جذي؟!؟! و الأغلاط بعد تكمل!!

  4. Looooool :p

    As if they are saying : Don't try it ,, we dont recommend it :p loooool

  5. loooooooooool ;p eee ee ya3ni they choose 4 u ;D " i want some of this"
    " sorry but i think you'll like this better"
    " umm..i want this"
    " sorry not ur choice!"

    hehe ;p

  6. These simple mistakes annoys the helluva me! LOL

  7. lool
    it is funny how simple mistakes make a big different of the meaning!


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