Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drink Review: Firefly.

Starbucks have this new energy drink called Firefly (Offecial Web) that i've always wanted to try but every time I wanted to buy it  I go for the coffee since I am a big coffee fan. The other day i saw it in sultan center...
 so I decided to buy it, unfortunately i expected it to be much more tastier but it tasted like other juices with some weird taste, and i didn't get an energy boost!

Now what i really liked about it is the color and design of the bottle.


  1. Yeah the design is really creative I liked it
    but wait a sec. You drank peach & green tea?!!
    loool was it strange?

  2. توك تقول رجيم وشاري هالعصيرين كلهم شكر مو زين لوووول :p


  3. loool
    shasawii b3d, rjeem+Q8i=ERROR ;P

  4. i had lime and gunger the other day...wasnt a good idea:S
    it sucked

  5. Love the colors and the design! they have purple? i wanna taste purple!

  6. peach and green tea? @@ loool kinda weird ;p bes shakilhom 7adda cuuute i love the pictures on the bottle :d

  7. i'm so addicted to it! especially the Chill Out drink <3 i didn't know they have it in Starbucks, i found it in Sultan & a new cafe called Bakrey Tray...

    Honestly i wasnt encouraged to try the other types, weird combination, but it wouldn't harm... sa7?! ;p

  8. How much was it for? I always have it in the Baking Tray and its KD1.500 if I am not mistaken. Next time try the Detox; its lemon, lime, and ginger

  9. ansam518;
    it was 1,200 smthn like that.
    well ill try it inshallah.


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