Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Steve job's first magazine cover !

since i am a big fan of steve jobs (the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc.) yesterday aramex delivered my classic 1982 TIME magazine which i bought from ebay 1 week ago (a great deal by the way at $50) it is in amaizing condition. The article was about the bright young future brains of the future.


  1. Lol Khalid you made me laugh ;p
    You're a BIG fan of someone I don't know.
    Mashalla you know the (co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple)!!!
    All what I know is Apple is here and I like it ;p looooooool

    Did you enjoy reading the ancient magazine? ;p
    Hope you did, or else spending $50 on it is going to be waste of money ;)

  2. lol
    shda3wa mat3arfeenah ;@
    law mo ohwa chan makoo apple!
    o yeah i enjoyed reading the magazine thnx ;p
    p.s tra it is worth it cuz he is steve jobs!


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