Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apple new imac and magic mouse.

Apple have realeased the new 27-inch imac with alot of approvments than the old one, you could reach it to 16 GB ram and 2 TB hard drive memory, and for the normal imac ( 1TB hard drive and 4GB ram) is starting from $1,699.00 (485.540 KWD). Magic mouse is also the new apple product, which is really great and it is the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse and the battery life is 4 month, it is $69 (19.7188 KWD) which i think is a good price for it. [source]


  1. From 4GB to 16GB ram!!
    That's a pretty good step up jump (y)
    & for a good price too :)

    So, e7m ... my next birthday celebration is 21st April 2010 ;) Lol

  2. lol
    afa 3laich bas enty thakreeni gablha eb cham yoom 3lshan asaweelch special order ;p

  3. shakla izgirt! ba5ithli wa7id when i get a house.. :P


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