Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tourism in Kuwait

Kuwaiti Flag

I found this great article on attractions in Kuwait:
Kuwait is a modern nation with a rich history. Situated on the Arabian Peninsula between Saudi Arabia and Iraq with its coast on the Persian gulf, it has a culture influenced by the peoples of the Arabian uplands, Mesopotamia, ancient Greece and traders along the spice trail. The modern day Kuwait is an oil rich urbanised emirate. Based around the capital of Kuwait City, it has boomed since the discovery of the natural resource in the 1930s. With a cosmopolitan mixture of old and new, Kuwait might be the destination that you've been seeking, for that unique holiday experience or even to settle down. There is certainly plenty to see and do.
Owing to its extensive gulf coastline, Kuwait offers many activities on or around the water. Pearl Diving was formerly a crucial industry in the state before the discovery of oil. Most diving now occurs during pearl diving festivals in which the Kuwaitis re-enact their traditional diving methods before rounding off the festival with song and dance. If you want to get below the water yourself, Kuwait's reefs and islands offers plenty of opportunities to scuba dive and experience the underwater marine life first hand.

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