Monday, December 28, 2009

Teddy's Owner interview!

      (The pic is exclusive for Q8-Dewaniya)
Ladies and Gentlemen, with more than 1000 facebook fans, please welcome our special guest, one of the most original people in Kuwait; teddy's owner. She was so kind as to let us take pictures of teddy while she was photo shooting teddy for the web. She is a young architect who is trying to help many people by undertaking a great project with an amazing idea. I'm not going to say anything about teddy, she's going to tell us...

-Introduce teddy, please?
Teddy is an alter ego who moved to Kuwait to help someone settle back into socity, that acts as buffer zone between them and Kuwait.

-How, when did you get this idea?
When I first moved back in September (After six years abroad).

-Why teddy bear?
It is universal and every child, man and women can relate to it.

-How did Teddy find the people in Kuwait, did they welcome your idea?
YES! Many did. They felt comfortable seeing a bear express himself.

-What is the coolest situation you ever had with teddy fans?
A fan got me a book about Dexter the series. He remembered once I posted about it. It was really sweet.

-How do you find the locations that teddy's going to have a photo in?
Some are beautiful but people don't realize. There are so many hidden gems in Kuwait.

-Did this idea reflect any benefit in your social life?
Yes, I met so many cool people I otherwise might not have met!

-To which charity you are going to donate?
Not sure yet. We will find out after the 365 days.

-Tell us something about teddy that no one knows.
Teddy is secretly afraid of the water, which is why he doesn't shower much. He's worried his fur won't be as soft and his seams will loosen which might let the beads inside his belly fall out and he doesn't want to get stitched up because he's also afraid of needles too.

-Any support?
No financial support but a lot of help from family and friends.

-What are your future plans?
Keep teddy on the go as an annual fund raiser.

-How can people be part of teddy's life?
They can visit teddy's website ( ),

Facebook profile.

-Any last words for Q8-Dewaniya readers?
First I would like to thank Q8-Dewaniya for all their support. I wish you all the best. As for the readers I hope you join me on my journey and become a part of my social experiment.

Best Luck!
Ps. all the pics are taken by me while she was taking pics for teddy! (except the first pic.)


  1. I take my hat off for her :D
    I support you to the end, I like your idea and a follow of you and Teddy in his journey :D

    Go girl we are with you :D

  2. i like the idea , its one of a kind.
    Good luck :D


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