Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sultan Center Party Trays.

Went to Sultan center and saw this poster, I didn't ask them for what is that but my guesses are for cheese party trays because it was above the cheese section  !
Any ideas?


  1. no clue ;P u should have asked them lool

  2. hmm..
    im gonna aske them next time!
    i don't remember why i didn't last time but im sure there was a good reason!

  3. ;D
    Khalid just to let you know how Lucky you are, I’m Saudi and in the last Eid break I went with my family to Kuwait for one day just to go to Sultan Center!!! seriously.. went to no other place whatsoever. How lame I know but it’s awesome man we want one here :I

  4. Faith
    OMG! shda3wa! Ok I do agree it is a great place, you can find everything you want there!
    Bss there are much more places to go specially when you are not from kuwait!


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