Monday, December 7, 2009

Al-Ghanim: No comment!

I was at Al-Ghanim the other day and i was shocked when i saw this! they are the same. What do you think?
(click on pic to enlarge)


  1. hehe yeah alghanim never has still prices , notice how when you take it to the cashier the price is 100% different??

    i was planning to buy a camera that said 370 KD on it and when i took it to the cashier it was 270 KD hehe! 100 kd discount like that *snap!*

  2. jedeema ;) engara9t menhom wayed ana :S

  3. I've boycotted al ghanim ever since they sold me a faulty blackberry and didn't agree to fix it even though i have a warranty

  4. لووووول

    جان قلت لهم

    شكرا :)


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