Saturday, October 17, 2009

London macdonald's good move.

Last month i was in London and while i was there i noticed something interesting on macdonald's sandwiches and fries boxes, they wrote every detail about what you are eating (including the contains of the sandwich by cool pictures [last pic] ) from like calories, fat and some other things so that the costumer can know the food details especially if he is on a special diet or something like that.


  1. Yeah it's a good idea but it might cost them! People might be reluctant to eat there if they knew everything about their food lol.

  2. They do that in Paris too.. &I know the States do that too..
    Shma3na i7na likwait we eat eat eat &we don't even know what we're eating?! :s

    Btw, I just stumbled upon your blog &it's really helpful! xD
    Check out my blog please(a) Ma3ana I know guys don't read blogs sometimes;p

    Thank you! x)


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