Friday, October 23, 2009

Caribou Coffee: SHEIKH special drink.

Yesterday I went to Caribou Coffee in the Free Trade Zone and I met the manager SHEIKH. He something very special by adding his special drink to the menu. I tried the drink and it was one of a kind. I can't describe how good it was, it was like when you first drink it you taste the vanilla and the next you taste the great coffee taste that's mixed with it ! all i can say that this drink is one of the top 10 cold drinks in Kuwait. Sheikh's special drink is available in all caribou coffee branches in Kuwait, Thank you SHEIKH.


  1. Hmmm sheikh!!
    From its name you should expect it tastes like heaven ;)

    Well, I'll give it a try since you say it's in your top 10 list ;)

  2. i have to teast it cuz i did my own drink if u wana try it its :
    coffe color with caramel syrip and oreos all blended its amazing

  3. [MaDry-Shakw~] :
    jarbai ymkin y3jbech ;p

    saweelna o 6arsheeh wana agoolich etha 7ilo walla la2 :P

  4. dear khalid i like drink cold coffee with white
    chco,relly good i taste gerat coffee,
    thank you sheikh,,

  5. OMG thats the man...thats sheikh..we love u man!! B met him in the CBK caribou and i met him in KFTZ's caribou..he's a sweetheart...i heard his no longer working for caribou anymore ....

  6. hi to all,
    i m shaikh i m not in caribou coffee,
    thanks caribou coffee i work last 3and 6 month,
    now i m working new coffee company,
    thanks to all ,,,,

    we love you,,,
    shaikh saleem


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